Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Buy .. Buy ... Buy ... 2013 Pt 1

the award winning HT1 .. bought in mid march, 2nd hand
the Vox AC4C1, bought a week after I bought the HT1, greedy, 2nd hand, a good buy, I like the clean and the gain, very honest and disctint vox tone ...
stands for the amps
Boss Volume Pedal, also 2nd hand ...
I always want a wah though I do not how to use them properly, so  Ibought 1, a cry baby wah, not 2nd hand but i think might be 3rd or 4th hand .. hahaha
so from no amp to two amps ... all the things are in boxes, I am moving to a new place soon, so better to keep them in the boxes. Its not even June and I have bought few items, I have to slow down, my new place is yet to be settled, once that done, I might continue buying small stuffs.

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