Monday, October 29, 2012

The Brandless LP Custom

It was Saturday morning, I didn't have any plans for that day, so I called up Wakc Slayank and asked him whether he wants to go to Otoko Music in Seremban. He said yes, and we met in the afternoon. I came earlier and saw the above LP Custom, so when Wakc came, I asked him to test it. The following was his review - 

* Body condition - 8.5/10
* Neck feel is like a Gibby
* Acoustically - it sounds bright but there are some mellow tone due to its chambered body
* Tone wise - sounds like 70's-80's with fender frontman 212r
* with JCM 900 - it sounds hollow and seasoned on clean channel
* on gain mode with JCM 900 - raw and jazzy rock
* nice for jazz, blues and rock

The specs - 

* Lawrence (shop owner) said that the guitar is around 30 years old. 
* Body might be Mahogany
* Bolt on
* Chambered body
*  Low output pickup
* Not sure whether its maple top
* Two piece body (top & bottom) 70's gibby style
* Open book headstock
* Full binding
* Cherry sunburst
* Block inlay (not sure on the material)

Price - if its expensive, I definitely didn't buy it ...

My take - very nice clean tone especially the neck pickup, I agree with Wakc that it sounds better with the frontman, I tested it with Zoom G2, only sounds nice in certain modes, especially non hi gain, on hi gain it's not punchy enough. Thisguitar is nice for jazz, blues and rock.

Though a LP Custom is not in wish list (Gibby LP Custom is so expensive even for a 2nd hand), owning one is a dream, the one with me now is the closest I can get ... its MIJ and cherry sunburst (my favourite colour for LP shape guitars).Will show it to Jules and see what he says about it. I'm still not sure to whether keep or sell it.


  1. i want it badly....... just a freak with any LP design guitars... have a few GIBBY LP FLAGSHIPs in my arsenal but who cares if i buy another one just for safe keep.....

  2. ok bro, we will discuss in due course

  3. Whats the out come?
    Taj, i think is not really a chambered but a semi hollow without F-holes..

  4. Thanks for the update Lawrence ... , outcome - so far so good