Friday, October 12, 2012

Some updates ...

My biggest project for this year ended last week, so I took leave on Monday and spent the whole day visiting guitar shops. First stop was Bentley with Zakk, managed to test a RM4k Taylor, a Fender Tele Special, Fender Strat 57, few Ibanez semi hollow, all these were done without an amp. We came too early, not many Bentley staff to assist us. 

A visit to Bentley is incomplete if you dont go to the VIP room. With the help of Aizat, we managed to test the EVH 5150, zack test it with a .. I cant remember what guitar Zakk used, but I tested it with a PRS Custom 24. A first time for me to hold and test a PRS, according to Aizat the PRS just came and I am the first person to test it, the strings were still oily.

Then I went to Beat Spot, tested a laney amp, Lionheart L5T-112, a RM 4k amp, but according to the sales person, the price will go down to 1k++, the handle was already worn, that's why it the price went down so much. But only during sale. I need to test this amp and the Iron Heart with Zakk someday, just to get his opinion. 

I also went to a music shop in Ikano, but nothing much there. Later, I went to Cash Converter in Shah Alam, they have a Gibson LP Studio Lite, selling for RM2499, a cherry sunburst but with no hardcase.

On Tuesday, I went to Jalan Imbi to check out CK Music, JS Music and Ultimate Music.  in CK's web they have a new maple fret bass but it is yet to arrive at thier store. Almost bought a Orange Micro amp which I thought was selling for RM300 but the actual price was RM750, the RM300 was just for the mini cab .. duhhh.

Did not go to any music shop on Wenesday. But bought something from Ebay.

On Thursday, went to Guitar Collection at 1 Utama. Bought an ESP fret proctetor.

just to 'accesorise' my ESP
protection for the beloved Black Rose
So, today, (Friday) I plan to go to Guitar Store in Hartamas, just to see if they have anything new, or perhaps just to visit Ronnie and Kamal.


  1. bagusnye dpt melawat premis2 muzik besar lps tu dpt test mcm2 benda...

  2. bro .. last month aku ke kuching, tapi 24 jam jer, tak pegi mana2 kedai gitar pun, next month aku kesana lagi