Monday, April 30, 2012

First and foremost ...

Hi all,

This is my second attempt to do a blog. It is about my passion on guitars, amps, recording devices and perhaps a little bit about bass. I am just a beginner and only a bedroom guitarist. I spent more time at guitar shops instead of practicing and due to that I think I might always be a beginner.

I plan to be a small time guitar collector, at the moment I only have 1 guitar which is a Gibson Explorer with EMG 81/85, bought from US Ebay about two years ago. I also have a Zoom G2NU, a Behringer headphone and I used the Garageband for my recording. I am still learning on how to use all these equipments. Soon I will be getting a Modtone Speedbox distortion. I have no amp at the moment, still unable to decide which one I should get and more importantly I have no budget for it. oh btw .. I also have a Dean bass ... bought it brand new and was very cheap .. very very cheap .. 60% discount .. a beginner's bass.

So have fun reading dear readers !!!

RhythmMan TJ


  1. "Soon I will be getting a Modtone Speedbox distortion"

    hehehe wanna buy mine? :)

    p/s: since this blog is in english, terpaksalah komen guna english juga hahaha

    1. TQ for your comment, you are the first to comment and therefore you are entitled for a free lunch, no joke .. when we meet of course.

      I have pre-ordered the speedbox, I'm afraid.

      Ps- saja nak berlatih cakap omputih bro .. hahaha

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